Are you sick and tired of struggling with the following…..
Flabby tummy and bulging thighs
Trouble spots that just will not disappear
Your clothes not fitting the way they used to
Lack of results from the gym
Having a gym membership and not going
Bored of exercise!!
Diets that promise the world and make life miserable
Can’t afford a Personal Trainer
Introducing our Small Group Personal Training

We have designed a fun and exciting small group programme (max 6 people) that burns up to 800 calories per session.

Nutritional guidance so that you know which foods will compliment the exercise that you do to maximise the results you are looking for.

We basically offer Personal Training in a small group environment so that you only pay a fraction of what you would for a one on one session. Mix of strength training, Trx, Kettlebells and HIIT.

By making the most of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) your metabolism keeps burning fat for 24-36 hours after your session has finished

Most of us have, which is why we make every single session different! If you’re kept guessing then you’re body is kept guessing which helps to keep you progressing and interested.

Don’t just take our word for it though. These comments are straight from our Facebook page:

It was the first time that I actually looked forward to training and as soon as I left each session looked forward to the next. Every session was a little different so never got boring (or easy). He knew how to push me but also knew my limits.
– Paddy Mulroy June 201
I cannot recommend RiteFit enough, Great place to train and amazing atmosphere.If you get the chance, don’t pass the opportunity to train with Rob.
– Leanne March 2015
Rob’s training sessions are tough and really effective. The eating plan he gave me has been really easy to stick to and I have noticed overall results in only a few weeks. I’ll definitely be keeping it up!
– Karen Thorpe May 2015
Great trainer Really understands what your goals are and works very hard with you to make them reality
– Jennifer Newman Jan 2015
This Program Is so Unique That Within 30 Days You Can Expect The Following
Fat burn up to 850 calories per workout
Firmer arms, legs, thighs and bums
Increased strength, energy and stamina
Faster metabolism to burn more fat at rest
Tighter, flatter abs – meaning smaller waist
4-12 pounds of weight loss
2-6% drop in body fat
Look and feel at least 5 years younger
Increased muscle tone and flexibility
Greater confidence and self-esteem
Decreased stress, tension and anxiety
Reduced cravings for fat, sugar and junk
Sleep better and increased productivity
Lose the uncomfortable ‘bloated’ feeling
Look and feel better in your favourite clothes (you might
even need to buy some new ones)


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