The information dense world we live in today turns things that are relatively simple into overcomplicated puzzles that leave our heads spinning and suck the enthusiasm out of us.One of those things is female fatloss.

For the average woman looking to drop a few pounds or couple of dress sizes this process does not have to be complicated.It just boils down to getting the fundamentals right and being consistent with the approach you have taken and not jumping from craze to craze.Below is a list of 8 fundamentals that when applied correctly WILL get results.

1. Do not rely on cardio 

Spending hours every day spinning your wheels on a treadmill or stairmaster is not the optimal way to achieve fatloss.You should concentrate your efforts on eating whole healthy foods and improving the intensity of your strength training sessions.The benifits of 45 mins of hard resistance training will heavily out weigh 2 hours spent on the treadmill especially when it comes to fatloss.If you want to compliment your strength training and assist with fatloss then i highly recommend activities like hill sprints.(find a hill sprint up,walk down and repeat)Simple but extremely effective.

2. Master the basics of nutrition and training

Do not try to overhaul your entire diet and lifestyle in 1 day as it is doomed to fail.Success comes from making small changes along the journey and being consistent with these changes.Spend the first month trying to master the basics

  • Eat real food at least 90% of the time. (meats,fish,eggs,fruits,veggies,nuts,seeds)
  • Focus on increasing your protein intake.(will help you feel full for longer)
  • Strength train at least 3 times per week.(full body workouts are best)
  • Focus on compound exercises.(Squat,Row,Press,Deadlift,Lunge)

3. Accept and learn from the setbacks

No matter what you do inevitably things will happen in your life to cause you to miss training sessions or eat some junk food.Your only human and need to realise that 1 missed session or a bad meal every now and then is not whats going to define your results.Accept it and move on straight away.The worst thing you can do is to dwell on it and let it snowball.Just dust yourself down and get straight back to basics the next day.As this is what will ultimately define your results.CONSISTENCY CONSISTENCY CONSISTENCY!!!!

4. Do not be afraid of challenging yourself with heavy weights

Constantly going to the gym and using lightweights for high reps is not the optimal way to change your body shape.You need to  give your body no alternative but to change shape.How can we do this with lightweights that are not stressing our bodies enough.Aim to find a weight that you can only barely get 9/10 reps.In a few workouts your body will adapt to this stress and you will then increase the weight again as your now stronger and before you know it your body has taken on a whole new shape and you’re getting stronger and leaner at the same time.

5. Do not obsess over the number on the scales

What matters is how you feel,how you look in the mirror,how high your energy levels are,how your performing and that you have achieved some new kickass lifestyle habits.Not only can the scales lie as it does not account for your water retention,your menstrual cycle,the current cycle of your bowel movements but constantly stressing over this can affect your mood which will affect all the habits you’re trying so hard to build and just messes with your head.Fatloss is not a linear process it fluctuates but if you can step back from obsessing over the scales the before you know it you will be so happy the shape your body is taking on and realise that your well on your way to your ideal body.

6. Be motivated by positive thoughts and emotions

Training for fatloss should not be fueled by negative thoughts like “I hate my body”,” I dislike how im shaped” and other emotions.Instead you should adopt the attitude that your training to see how strong you can get. Or because you are proud of what your body can do.Train because you want to test your physical and mental capacities.Always have positive thoughts to fuel your workouts.

7. Stop comparing yourself to others

Dont have the goal to look like some airbrushed model on front of a magazine or some fitness competitor who has gone to some unhealthy lengths just to look that way for the couple of hours that the photo shoot was on.Focus on becoming the best you can be and not some ideal image dictated by popular media.Highlight and improve on your natural abilities and talents.

8. Be patient and Consistent

Your body didn’t get to where it is now over space of couple of weeks  so you should expect to lose everything straight away either.Its not about a quick fix that you can’t sustain – its about achieving results that you can maintain forever.Rapid fatloss does not work.Stay consistent and celebrate the small victorys.


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