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 Lose The Moobs And Ditch The Gut In 6 Weeks 

Strictly for busy guys over 35

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Does Any Of This Apply to You?

  • Excess wobbly stuff around the chest leading to the onset of embarrassing moobs?  
  • Excess size around the gut area leading to uncomfortable love handles? 
  • Embarrassed to take top off when on holiday? 
  • Struggle to keep up with kids due to lack of energy levels? 
  • Lower libido than you had 10 years ago - that you'd love to get back? 


But First... Are You Eligible? Can You Answer 'Yes' To The Following?...

  • Between 35 and 50 years old 
  • Love handles that you hate seeing 
  •  Would love to tighten the belt buckle a couple of notches in the next 6 weeks 
  • You can commit to exercising at least 3 times per week for 20 minutes each time 
  • You're prepared to sweat during your workouts and will not give up when it gets tough 
  • You want to create new healthy habits that will last a lifetime

If 'YES' then here's exactly how FitDAD's 6 week challenge works:

This is the next best thing to physically having me in your home with you helping you train. 

Each week, you'll get...

  •  Specific Nutrition plan based on your goals, your body type and lifestyle. *(we take into account any events you may have and make a plan to work around them so you can still enjoy yourself and achieve your goals!)
  •  Weekly Training Plans to suit your level of fitness + the equipment you have access to.
  •  Access to our accountability group to ensure you stay highly motivated and power full steam ahead towards your goals.
  •  Weekly Check-ins with myself so we can monitor progress and adjust your program as as needed
  •  Download our FitDAD App so you can track stats + follow instructional videos during sessions and tonnes of other features on it.

All for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day!!!

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