“Am I able to drink on this program?”


This is usually one of the first questions I hear from Lads who are starting on one of our 8 week weight loss programs.And to be honest it was a question I myself used to ask when I started out training cause as much as I wanted results I also wanted to be able to keep my social life and enjoy a balance of both.

And I still like to have nights out with friends and the odd boozy weekend away.Im just bit smarter about it now.

With the way social media is these days it gives the perception that to see results and get the body you want you must live like a monk and eat 6 meals a day out of lunch boxes and your whole life needs to revolve around your food and training.

Well this is complete and utter bullshit! Its all stemmed from the extreme world of bodybuilding which has absolutely no relevance to the majority of guys who just want to look and feel better.

You dont need this mindset as its unsustainable. As im writing this its the 2nd week in January.How many people have already givin up on their new years resolutions because the plan they started was just not realistic for there lifestyles.


So back to the booze issue,

The thing with alcohol is that it is a toxin to your body and it requires your body to instantly direct all its efforts to ridding your system of it, this effectively turns off the fat burning switch as your organs cant do both.


Im going to give you example of a client of mine Peter,

He’s 39 with 3 young/teenage kids who works fulltime, does all the normal Daddy duties of football practice, swimming lessons ect.

He came to me a few months ago looking to drop 2 stone, he had been training in another gym and after initial results his progress had stalled.

He was training 3 times a week and on paper his diet intake was pretty good and results should of still being achieved.

After digging a little deeper and getting to know him I came to find out he liked to relax in the night time with 3 or 4 beers after kids had gone to bed. Not an uncommon habit for busy guys who live their lifes under a bit of stress. Also went out for drinks with friends on Saturday night which was his only chance to socialise with pals.

He didnt see this as a major issue as it wasn’t effecting his diet or training.

So I suggested that he cut back on the midweek beers and just stick to the Saturday night out for 1 month (Which I knew was enough time to create a new habit)

So he agreed to give it his best shot and within 2 weeks his weight had dropped by 5lbs with no other changes to training or diet.

Lightbulb Moment for him!! And the perfect motivation to keep it up. 3 Months later and he’s already over 16lbs down!! All while still enjoying his Saturday night with pals and having bit of extra flexibility with his food choices.


Simple little habit that had an amazing effect on his results.


Hope you find this blog helpful.


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