Carbohydrates have a bad reputation these days. There is so much confusion around carbs and whether you should or should not consume them while trying to lose weight. The truth is that not all foods high in carbohydrates are bad for you.




So we have all heard and probably at one stage bought into the whole ‘low fat’ diets that were all the range in the 80’s and 90’s.These have now been replaced with the concept of carbs being evil and the reason so many people are overweight these days.And sure we all look around us and see people who have lost weight quick on these low/no-carb diets.However the majority of this weight will be water from your muscles and due to calorie deficit.

Any weight loss strategy that revolves around removing a common food type or group does exactly that removes not replaces.This obviously then results in weight loss but not because of cutting carbs it occurs because you have removed calories from their diet and not replaced them therefore creating a calorie deficit.

Carbs are very important to our functioning properly and really shouldn’t be just removed without serious consideration and planning and here is some reasons why:

  • Low Carb intake lowers your thyroid output which in turn lowers your metabolic rate meaning you will store bodyfat a lot easier
  • Carbs are crucial for recovery after intense exercise and cutting them will lead to poor performance in the gym
  • An extended period of low Carb dieting will leave you with little energy in day to day life and affect your general wellbeing. Your brain is fueled by Carbs so best not mess with that to much:)


Heres the issue with carbs, generally the more overweight someone is the less amounts of carbs they can tolerate.This is due to a number of factors mainly their body is poor at controlling blood sugar levels which leads them to be stored in fat cells opposed to muscle cells were we ideally want them to go so we can use them as energy.The good thing  is that weight training and getting leaner can greatly help with someones ability to tolerate carbs, so get lifting:)

So the more overweight someone is then the less Carbs they should have in their diet.This does not mean no Carbs.A strategic plan to gradually lower Carbs for a space of time weeks/months depending on the individual with strategic refeeds of good quality Carbs (not cheat meals) works great.Ideally this should be done by a coach to ensure best results.




Someone who is already fairly lean is more than likely able to tolerate carbs pretty well and can comfortably sit in the maintenance zone.

The devil really is is the dosage when it comes to carbs so monitor your intake before cutting them!!!The Average western diets can consist of over 80% Carbs (majority being processed) so its no wonder there is issues here.

The simple fact is that for the majority of people only need the same basic diet to see some really great results (greens,good fats, animal protein, hydration, portion control and consistency).

Carbs are not the enemy but they need to be controlled in overweight individuals along with the quality of the Carbs eaten.

I hope you find this useful and as always any questions feel free to comment below.



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