Personal Training

A walk through the state of the art private facility.

What is personal training?

Personal training is where your lifestyle, nutrition and physical make-up are assessed and a plan to reach your goals is then developed based on the results of that assessment. Your progress is monitored weekly and the training program evolves as you progress. If your trainer isn’t re-assessing you regularly then you can’t progress correctly. “Re-assess to progress” is what we say.

Remember, every person is completely different and with personal training this allows us to develop a highly individualised plan based on your needs and goals.This is without a doubt the quickest, safest and most effective way to get you to reach them goals.

At RiteFit Personal Training we offer a number of packages based on what our clients need.

We offer a FREE consultation and nutritional assessment to anyone who is truly interested in making changes to their health and lifestyle.

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“I started with Rob in RiteFit 7 weeks after I had my little boy, doing classes & pt sessions. I wasn’t able to work out during pregnancy so I had lost a lot of muscle tone & fitness levels.
Rob eased me back in with what I was comfortable with but also pushing me to train harder.
I’ve got my strength & fitness levels back & received the encouragement to push through my complaining & push my body to the max!
Great classes, great results & great trainer…
Highly recommended rob, addictive workouts, so much so Ive started another session of pt & my little boy tags along when I can’t find a sitter so I get to work out “

Louise Ivory – Sept 2015

“Its been over a year that I have done personal training with Rob and I feel its been the best thing i ever done.

My body and mind has benefited greatly. Iv completely change the way I live life. Iv learnt that its about balance, iv been a emotional eater for a long time and I was finally able to brake this way of thinking.Rob helped me through many obstacles and I feel stronger for it!

Rob was always there on hand to answer questions and help me through obstacles.

Thanks Rob you really changed my life for the better!!”

Jenny Newman – October 2015