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While you’d rather not think about the inner workings of your digestion, digestive health is important if you want to hit your health and fitness goals.


There are certain foods that we eat that can irritate our digestion or are allergens and can cause us to store excess fat and water weight.Once these foods are eliminated clients often find that rapid weightloss can occur along with better sleeping patterns and better overall gut and digestive health.

In order to find what the culprit food may be you need to experiment with your food by beginning an Elimination Diet where by you pick one possible culprit food and remove this from your diet for 2 weeks.If after this time you dont feel vast improvements then move onto the next one group.

Start first by eliminating all refined sugars(table sugar, fruit juices, fizzy drinks, sugary sweets, alcohol ect) from your diet.

Then go for grains including flour, wheat, barley, oats and all sources of gluten.

Next one is Dairy products.

Make sure you only eliminate one group at a time and track how you feel.Once you have found the culprit completely eliminate it for 3 weeks then add some back in SMALL quantity to 1 meal and if you react badly to it and old sympthoms return then this is more than likely a food tolerance and you should make the decision to steer clear in future.


Digestion is one of most overlooked aspects of fitness, its responsible for delivering nutrients to blood, organs,and muscles to maintain healthy functions.

If you suffer from sympthoms of bloating, gas, constipation, stomach pains or cramps these are clear signals from your body and need to be managed if optimal health and fitness is your goal.

Digestive Enzymes and a good quality pro-biotic supplement can really help your digestive system to repair however it is vital that you find what the culprit food group is thats causing the distress and once removed only add it back in SMALL quantities to allow your system to repair itself.

Think of the food groups mentioned and its no wonder peoples bodies cant handle them. Bread cereal milk sugary drinks all massively over consumed in todays society.

Youv heard it before but il say it again, It really is so important to have a diet rich in green fibrous veg which will aid in so many things not least your gut health.

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