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Ok so this is a very important topic that I see especially with ladies on a daily basis and I blame the whole dieting industry for leading people to believe that eating as little calories as you can will lead you to the perfect figure.This could not be further from the truth and it annoys the shit out of me to be honest.

Let me just explain what your metabolism is.In simple terms it is the speed at which your body converts fuel(food) to energy to be used.So when your metabolism slows down a number of things happen which lead to your body becoming very efficent at using little energy and storing/holding onto bodyfat. Its completely normal for this to happen as this as a survival mechanism for times of starvation and famine.We do not want this!!!!

Starting to see where this is going?

When you are  eating a low calorie diet long term your body goes into starvation mode, slows non essential body functions down and trys to hold onto bodyfat to survive, on top of this you will feel shit, have low energy, no sex drive, low thyroid function and high stress levels.


The following are 2 example clients both in a calorie deficit which we know is essential for fatloss. Read this a couple of times and think very closely how it relates to you or people you know.


Client 1.

Client one is on a 1000cal a day diet and burning an average 2000kcal a day (yes that’s around average for a woman, please research it if you dont believe me!).

At that degree of deficit her body is desperately trying to slow metabolic processes down quick and preserve fat for survival.

This means she’s getting 1000cal from stores on the first day to make up for the deficit. Over the proceeding days her body will metabolically slow in accordance with the calorie intake of 1000 calories

Due to a decrease in certain hormones (thyroid,testosterone,insulin,leptin) the body can begin to hold onto more water which can lead to scales not moving or even increasing.Add into this that she is technically starving herself in an environment where foods are everpresent therefore the likelihood of binge eating is VERY high and ultimately in alignment with the bodies requirements. Low blood sugar being the most apparent and influential factor(think wen u go hungry n crave sugary foods).


Client 2.

She is on a 2000 cal a day diet and trains reguarly.This training creates a calorie deficit(needed for fatloss).

The extra calories and weight training help minimise muscle loss and maximise weightloss from fat stores, support thyroid and testosterone production meaning she feels fueled, sleeps better and can recover properly from training which means she can train harder.

As the restriction in dietary choices isn’t as harsh this approach is more sustainable, just as, if not more efficient at fat loss, more enjoyable and lends itself to greater long term results. Blood sugar is managed better, appetite hormones work better.

The critical point here is that both women are still in a calorie deficit that without they will NOT lose anything.


Now if you are currently eating low calorie you need to start to gradually build back up your metabolism by slightly increasing calories back to maintenance levels(what your body requires).Add 150cals a day to your diet each week.You will not put on weight in fact you will prob start to lose it when your hormones start working optimally again as gradually your metabolism will pick up and you will start to feel and function better.

When you reach your calorie ceiling of say 2000 cals and you feel results have stalled then you can slowly drop it and results will continue cause your body is functioning properly and you are in a deficit.


This might seem a little complicated but it is the key to long term results.


Who wants a slow shitty metabolism? Ramp yours up and Turn your body into a fat burning machine!!!!!!


Hope this all made sense.

Please feel free to ask and questions or give it a share if you found it helpful.



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